Wedding Playlists?

The trend these days seems to be in providing the DJ with a huge list of music to be played at their wedding.
In my experience these rarely work and your floorfillers may turn out to be floorkillers.

Some DJs have commented that they were sent a link to a Spotify playlist or similar.
Online playlists like this can add a lot of extra background work for a DJ.
DJs currently cannot legally use Spotify for public performances so it would be a manual task of downloading individual songs from their preferred legal download site.

Whilst these may be your favourite songs and may have some significance to your relationship they can sometimes alienate your guests as they may not know them or they may not entice your guests onto the dancefloor.

This is where booking an experienced DJ comes into play.

An experienced professional DJ will be able to keep your dancefloor moving all evening.
I suggest providing up to ten ‘must play’ songs in advance so the DJ can fit them in alongside some similar songs that may be more fitting for a wedding crowd.
If you want to hear music from certain artists then thats fine too but again the DJ needs to have the final say over what songs will work and which will empty the dancefloor.
This is where you need to book a DJ that has years of dancefloor experience behind them.
And if you really don’t know what to play then just leave it to me to read the crowd and take requests.

Interestingly, the new trend appearing at Weddings is to have a ‘Do Not Play’ list of songs that are written on a board near the room entrance or near the DJ.
So you can now ensure that song you absolutely hate doesn’t get played right when you’re living your best life on the dancefloor.
Whether it be the Macarena or Ed Sheeran’s latest ditty, make sure you tell your DJ what songs you don’t want.

If you want to put on a wedding with a twist, for instance a specific decade, dance music or RnB, then you really need to engage with your DJ at an early stage to see what songs can work and what direction your night needs to go to keep you and your guests happy.

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