Booking A Wedding Band?

A good wedding band can really make your big day finish with bang, but there are some things you should consider before booking one…

Will they play long enough to keep your guests entertained?
The main issue that can arise with a band are that most will only do two 45 minute sets.
This means you need to organise some additional activities around their set times.
The obvious option would be to hire a DJ to fill in the gaps, but other entertainers like Magicians and Photo Booths can help.
The buffet may also work to fill the break between sets.
Be aware though that if a band finishes their second set at 11pm and your venue is booked until midnight then your guests may be wanting more.

Can your band provide adequate lighting for your guests?
Ideally they would need some lighting to light themselves but also something to give the dancefloor some effect lighting.
Can you imagine how bad your evening entertainment photos would be if you just had the venue lights on?
An LED dancefloor works well for this purpose but can be costly.
Again, you could hire a DJ to provide the lighting whilst the band are playing.

Can your band play your first dance?
The first dance is the best photo oportunity of the evening and you need to be confident that your band can either play the song live, which can be risky, or have the ability to play the original recording through their sound system.

Confirm the setup and pack away times with the band
I did a wedding last year where I was booked to play before the band started, during their break and once they had finished until the end of the night.
The band turned up when the guests were arriving and I was already playing so they were carrying equipment across the dancefloor thus preventing dancing.
This period is especially important where young children may want to dance before the dancefloor gets busy and they leave later on in the night.
At the end of their second set the band then proceeded to pack away and move their equipment back across the dancefloor which then ruined the busiest part of the evening.
Ideally, try and get the band to have their equipment in the setup area before guests arrive. And find an exit route where they can leave without disrupting guests on the dancefloor.

Setlist & Requests?
If the night is feeling a bit flat and your requested songs aren’t quite filling the dancefloor your guests may want songs that are not part of the bands repertoire, could they accomodate?
The best bands can play across genres and decades.
Its worth asking the band if they can play other genres that they don’t openly advertise.

Band & DJ?
If you are booking a band and DJ here are a few pointers;
– Make sure there is enough space at your venue for both to setup
– Check with the venue to ensure there is adequate power for both
– Work out your timings of when each starts and finishes
– Confirm when the band and DJ plan setting up and packing away
– Ideally have the band and DJ arrive at the same time to setup
– Decide which will be better for your first dance
– Will the band need the DJ to provide any sound or lighting?

There are probably more things to consider but this should give you a few pointers.
If you require a DJ to work alongside your band please get in touch with your details as I can work out a better deal than the cost of DJing all night.
Any queries please ask using my contact page from the menu…