Smoke and Haze

When choosing a venue it’s always worth considering whether the venue allows the use of smoke and haze machines.

These photos show the difference a little haze in the air can make to the lightshow. 
Without the haze in the first photo you get no real effect from the lighting.
But in the others, with a little haze, you see every beam slicing through the air which really helps build the atmosphere on a dancefloor, the very reason why bars and nightclubs use haze.

Many venues are now installing sensitive smoke detectors which mean haze and smoke cannot be used without setting off the fire alarms.
In some cases the venue staff know how to disable or mute the zones near the dancefloor or function room.

So please check with any venue you are looking to book whether haze or smoke can be used as this can really affect the mood and subsequent success of your party.
I do however have a new setup that uses wash lighting which does give a fairly decent effect when smoke or haze cannot be used.